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Financial Planner


James Hawtin



James Hawtin has been helping people with their financial concerns since 1991. With over 30 years experience in a wide variety of areas in the investment, insurance and financial planning industries, he is well qualified to help with what is most important to you. This experience has been gained in various regulatory environments including investment dealer, mutual fund, insurance and investment counsel worlds. James has been involved with many different client scenarios and can offer keen insight.

He delivers conservative and jargon-free advice at a low cost. Primarily fee based in order to offer clients the most transparent bias free compensation model. Flexible pricing allows for customization according to a client's desired level of service and asset level. 

Chartered Investment Manager 1995

Certified Financial Planner 1994

Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute 1985

Who is Worldsource Financial Management Inc?

Worldsource Financial Management Inc. is a division of Worldsource Wealth Management Inc., a fully integrated wealth management company that is focused on building financial prosperity. Worldsource Wealth Management Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited. Guardian Capital Group Limited (founded in 1962) is a diversified financial services firm which serves the needs of a range of clients and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.